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SRO Radio Regina Banska Bystrica Živé vysielanie rádia

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SRO Radio Regina Banska Bystrica is a Slovakian radio channel that broadcasts from the city of Banska Bystrica. It serves the regions of Banska Bystrica, Zvolen, and other neighboring areas. The channel is part of the Slovak Public Broadcasting service and focuses on delivering informative, educational, and entertaining content to its listeners.

The radio's program is diverse, covering a wide variety of topics including news, politics, culture, sports, and music. Its daily schedule includes news bulletins at regular intervals, as well as specialized programs such as "Regina in the Morning," "Culture on Regina," and "Regina Sports Report."

In addition to its regular programming, SRO Radio Regina Banska Bystrica also organizes numerous events and competitions, such as music festivals and quiz contests, designed to engage and entertain its audience. The channel's website, http://www.rtvs.sk, provides listeners with information about upcoming programs and events, as well as the option to listen to live streaming online.
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