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Radio Lumen Živé vysielanie rádia

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Radio Lumen is a Slovakian Christian radio station that broadcasts throughout the country, targeting listeners who seek to enrich their spiritual lives. The channel is headquartered in the city of Košice, with additional studios located in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, and Prešov.

The programming on Radio Lumen includes a variety of Christian-focused content, including music, news, talk shows, and other features. The station also broadcasts sermons and other religious services, providing a valuable resource for listeners who may not have access to these events in person.

Listeners can tune in to Radio Lumen at any time of day, with a schedule that offers a mix of live and pre-recorded programming. The station is particularly popular among Slovakian Catholics, although its offerings are relevant to people of all denominations who seek to engage with their faith on a regular basis.

With its commitment to providing quality Christian programming, Radio Lumen continues to be a valuable resource for listeners throughout Slovakia.
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