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Frontinus Radio 104.6 FM Živé vysielanie rádia

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Frontinus Radio 104.6 FM is a leading radio station situated in Slovakia, with a massive coverage that spans across the country. It is designed to cater to the entertainment, educational, and informative needs of the people, and it achieves this through innovative programming and a team of experienced broadcasters who deliver content that resonates with listeners.

The radio station primarily targets the younger demographic, but there's something for everyone, no matter your age or interest. Frontinus Radio 104.6 FM broadcasts around the clock with a mix of music, news, and talk shows, providing listeners with the latest developments, sports news, and weather updates.

Listeners can rely on Frontinus Radio 104.6 FM to brighten up their day, whether they're driving to work, relaxing at home, or on the go. The station's website, https://www.frontinus.sk/, offers additional information and access to live streaming, making it easy for listeners to tune in at any time.
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počúvať Frontinus Radio 104.6 FM v aplikácii radio.net

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