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BETA RADIO - Hráme Jubilantom Živé vysielanie rádia

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BETA RADIO is a radio channel based in Slovakia that specializes in playing music to celebrate the anniversaries of famous musicians. Their program, "Hráme Jubilantom," is specifically designed to cater to the music preferences of individuals who enjoy listening to old-school tunes. The channel caters to a wide range of regions in Slovakia and is accessible to anyone who wants to tune in and listen to their playlist. BETA RADIO's website, http://www.beta.sk/, offers listeners the opportunity to learn more about the channel and its programming. Additionally, the website provides a convenient way for users to tune in and listen to the station in real-time, as well as access their social media handles for updates and news related to the channel. The schedule for the channel is not available, but listeners can expect to hear classic tunes from their favorite artists throughout the day.
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