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SRO Radio Devin Živé vysielanie rádia

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SRO Radio Devin is a popular radio channel based in Devin, Slovakia that broadcasts to various regions throughout the country. The channel's programming is primarily focused on providing news, sports updates, and entertainment content to its listeners. It is a public service broadcaster, which means it is government-funded and operates as a part of the Slovak Radio network.

SRO Radio Devin's schedule features a variety of programs covering different topics, including current affairs, music, culture, and more. Some of the most popular shows on the channel include "Ráno s Devinom," which is a morning news program, "Devin večer," which features interviews and discussions with notable personalities from different fields, and "Športový žurnál," which provides in-depth coverage of the latest sports news.

Overall, SRO Radio Devin is a great source of information and entertainment for Slovakians all over the country and remains one of the most listened-to radio channels in Slovakia. For more information about the channel and its programming, visit its website at http://www.rtvs.sk.
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