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RTVS Slovakia International Živé vysielanie rádia

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RTVS Slovakia International is a radio channel from Slovakia that broadcasts globally through their website https://rsi.rtvs.sk/. The channel is mainly targeted at Slovakians living abroad and interested in Slovak culture, language, and news. However, it also caters to non-Slovakian listeners who are curious about Slovakian affairs.

RTVS Slovakia International's program includes news updates, current affairs, talk shows, cultural shows, and music programs. The channel's schedule varies depending on the day, but typically has morning and evening news updates, afternoons dedicated to cultural content, and a mix of news and music in the evenings.

Listeners of RTVS Slovakia International can expect to hear a mix of Slovak and English languages throughout the programming, making it accessible to both Slovak and non-Slovak speakers. With its diverse and engaging programming, RTVS Slovakia International is a great resource for those looking to stay connected to Slovakian culture and events.
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