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SRO Radio Regina Kosice Živé vysielanie rádia

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SRO Radio Regina Kosice is a Slovakian radio station that broadcasts in the eastern city of Kosice. Its programming is primarily intended for residents of the Kosice region and surrounding areas, with a focus on local news, culture, and events. The station operates under the public broadcaster Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS).

Listeners can tune in to SRO Radio Regina Kosice throughout the week for a variety of programming, including news bulletins, current affairs discussions, and music shows. The station's schedule also features cultural events, sports coverage, and programs aimed at young audiences.

In addition to its on-air broadcasts, SRO Radio Regina Kosice also makes its programming available online through the RTVS website. Listeners can stream live broadcasts or catch up on previously aired shows at their convenience.

Overall, SRO Radio Regina Kosice is an important source of information and entertainment for residents of the Kosice region, offering a mix of local news and culture alongside a diverse selection of music and programming.
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