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SRO Radio Patria Živé vysielanie rádia

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SRO Radio Patria is a radio channel based in Słowacja that caters to audiences in Slovakia. The channel is part of the public-service network of RTVS, which is the national broadcaster in Slovakia. The main objective of SRO Radio Patria is to provide listeners with informative and relevant content that reflects the cultural, social, and political issues in the country.

SRO Radio Patria's programming features a wide variety of content, including news, current affairs, cultural shows, music, and entertainment. The station's schedule is carefully designed to cater to different audiences, with shows running throughout the day and night. Some of the notable programs on the channel include Dobré ráno Slovensko, which is a morning talk show that focuses on news and current affairs, and Nedeľa s Patriou, which is a weekly program that discusses ethical and social topics.

Overall, SRO Radio Patria is a great source of information and entertainment for audiences in Slovakia. With its diverse range of programs and high-quality production, the channel has carved a niche for itself in the Slovakian radio landscape. Those looking to tune into SRO Radio Patria can do so via the station's website or by using a radio receiver.
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