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Radio Expres Živé vysielanie rádia

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Radio Expres is a popular radio station in Slovakia, broadcasting throughout the country from its headquarters in Bratislava. The station caters to a wide range of listeners with its diverse programming, including news, talk shows, music and entertainment. Its target audience is primarily young adults, but the station appeals to listeners across all age groups.

The station's daily schedule features a number of popular programs, including morning news and chat shows, afternoon music programs and evening talk shows. Music plays a prominent role in the station's programming, with a wide variety of genres being played throughout the day, including pop, rock, hip-hop and more.

Radio Expres is also known for its high-quality news coverage, providing up-to-date reports on local and international news events. The station's website, https://www.expres.sk/, serves as a hub for listeners to stay informed about the latest news, contests and upcoming events. With its engaging programming and commitment to delivering the latest news and entertainment, Radio Expres remains a top choice for listeners across Slovakia.
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