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Janko Hraško Živé vysielanie rádia

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Janko Hraško is a Slovakian radio channel that broadcasts from the country's capital city of Bratislava. This channel caters primarily to the Slovakian audience and offers a diverse range of programs that includes music, news, and talk shows. With a focus on providing quality content, Janko Hraško offers an engaging listening experience for listeners across the region.

The channel's website, http://www.jankohrasko.sk/, offers a comprehensive schedule of the programs that are aired throughout the week. Listeners can tune in for news updates and current affairs discussions, as well as music programs that showcase a wide range of genres, including rock, pop, and traditional Slovakian music.

Janko Hraško is a popular radio channel in Slovakia, and its programs are enjoyed by listeners across the country. With a commitment to providing quality content and a diverse range of programming, this channel is a great choice for anyone looking to stay informed and entertained in Slovakia.
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