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Radio Dychovka (Radio Slovak Blasmusik) Živé vysielanie rádia

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Radio Dychovka, known as Radio Slovak Blasmusik, is a radio station based in Slovakia. Its programming is dedicated to brass music, also known as Blasmusik, and is aimed at audiences from Slovakia and other regions that appreciate this type of music. The schedule is varied and includes a mix of live and recorded shows, as well as interviews with musicians and other experts in the field of brass music. Some of the programs offered include "Dychovky z našej kuchyne" and "Blasmusik v prehrávači". Fans of Blasmusik can also listen to Radio Dychovka online via the radio's official website. With its wide range of programs and dedication to brass music, Radio Dychovka is a must-listen for any lover of this unique and vibrant genre.
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počúvať Radio Dychovka (Radio Slovak Blasmusik) v aplikácii radio.net
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